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  • Jiri Herodek

AWS and its other applications for recruitment

Aktualizováno: 16. 3. 2020

You might have read my previous article about AWS and its applications for sourcing. I was showing how to use ML (machine learning) model and match the data from Google Search Engine and train your machine learning model. The output was data about candidates with a percentage fit score. This method has multiple applications for skills, photos, and locations. You can save a lot of time by targeting the best-fitting candidates.

Amazon has introduced some other services for machine learning. Some of them are not so useful for recruiters and sourcers but some of them might really help you. Let me introduce some of them.

Amazon Comprehend provides a real-time NLP (natural language processing) service that analyzes the text. This might be extremely useful for analyzing, for example, text information from your conversations with your candidates from emails and social media or you can use it for analyzing various keywords and their connections. You can reveal some specific factors that drive you to higher response rates. The editor is very simple and you can train your machine learning model to assess the text and predict what message might have higher response rates so that this could be really interesting for creating compelling emails or inmail. If you train your ML model you can have quite predictable model for efficient communication with candidates.

Amazon Lex is a service that allows you to create your own chatbots and not only for text conversation but also for a voice chat. The practical impact is not only for recruitment but also in HR when you can create some self-service portals. Alternatively, you can also integrate Amazon Lex with some other AWS services and use the power that cloud solutions offer. Another advantage is that no additional technical knowledge is needed. As you can see on the screenshot below the editor is very intuitive. The only what you need is to customize the dialogue tree which means to design a flow of the communication (questions). This service is useful when you need to make up and deploy your chatbot quickly.

Amazon Transcribe offers you the service that converts speech to the text. This could be really helpful for interviewing candidates. When you integrate AWS you can then save phonecalls and save conversations to the text to your ATS/CRM and search in the text. As you can see on the screenshot below you just press the button and then you have a text that you can download for some further applications. I can imagine that we won't be searching for information about candidates not only in our ATS but also in all records from the interviewing process.

There are currently multiple other AWS services but their application for sourcing, recruitment or HR is very limited. Those services mentioned above might have a big impact on our job in terms of saving time and efficiency. I am really curious where this technological pace will take recruitment & sourcing to.

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